12 Week Program

– Including the Fast Track Option – 

The Fast Track Option

The Fast Track Option involves completing the seven modules and clinical steps as outlined in the following Weeks one to four schedule.

This will give you a good clinical foundation to commence treating patients in a shorter time frame.

You can complete the rest of the program in the following eight weeks, or extend it out further and complete at your leisure. All modules and live webinar recordings will be available until the end of 2022.

12 Week Program

Week One

1. Webinar 1 – Introduction 30th March 2021

  • How to use the program,
  • Selecting a patient – screening for OSA/Snoring,
  • Organising a sleep study,
  • Records required for a MAS – taking a registration,
  • Preventing and managing occlusal changes,
  • Q & A.

– Complete Modules 1 & 2

Select a patient and organise a sleep study (by week 3) 

The patient could be from your practice, a dental assistant, a friend or family member, or even yourself. 

Ideal first patient:

  1. Snoring should be one of their main concerns.  
  2. BMI below 35
  3. Minimal medical comorbidities
  4. No previous sleep study

Organising a sleep study

If you have a method in place of diagnosing your patients then feel free to utilise this method.

If you don’t have a method in place for organising sleep studies we recommend utilising the Dental Sleep Diagnostics services. Visit www.dentalsleepdiagnostics.com.au for more information. They will courier a sleep study unit to your patient as well as organise a telehealth consult with a sleep physician. 

You will be sent the diagnosis and treatment recommendations from the sleep physician to present to your patient. We will guide you on interpreting the sleep study and presenting the results to your patient.

Week Two

– Complete Modules 4 & 7

Week Three

– Complete Modules 8

Week Four

– Complete Module 9 &19

 Webinar 2 – 4th May 2021

  • Presenting the results of the sleep study to the patients,
  • Fitting the appliance,
  • Titration protocol,
  • Potential side effects,
  • Q & A.

Please Note: 

This completes the Fast Track Option

 Week Five

– Complete Module 3 & 5

1. Present results of the sleep study to your patients

2. Take impressions / scans, and a registration of your patient and send to lab

  • The lab providing the complimentary appliance is 3D Sleep. For the lab sheet please go to www.3dsleep.com.au, click on the lab form, followed by the online portal and then new client registration and fill in your details, a login and password will be emailed to you for submitting a new case,
  • Ensure your patient is fully educated having seen a demo appliance and understands the possible side effects and what to expect with oral appliance therapy,
  • Ensure the patient has read and signed the informed consent document (this can be downloaded from Dental Sleep Institute portal),
  • The bite registration can be completed using the George Gauge which you should have received soon after registration in the program.  Demonstrations on taking a bite registration and choosing a mandibular position are in the program and you can also see videos of this on the clinical procedures page of the 3D Sleep website,
  • An intra oral scan or PVS impressions are ideal.
Week Six

– Complete Module 6 & 10

Week Seven

– Complete Module 11 & 12

Week Eight

– Complete Module 13 & 14

Week Nine

– Complete Module 15 & 16

Fit the MAS for your patient

1. Prior to fitting, ensure the appliance fits well on the models with adequate retention.

2. Fit the appliance in the mouth making sure:

 – the occlusion is balanced,
– the retention is adequate,
– the mandibular position reflects the bite registration taken,
– there is no significant discomfort.

3. Make sure the patient can easily insert and remove the appliance.

4.  Fabricate the provided morning aligner as per the online program.

5. Go through the patient instruction booklet including the titration protocol which should be written on the back of the booklet.

6. Book a post fitting review appointment which is recommended prior to week 12 of the program.

Week Ten

– Complete Module 17 & 18

Week Eleven

– Complete Module 20

Week Twelve

– Post fitting review of your patient.

Based on the recommendations on the original sleep study the patient may require a follow up sleep study with the appliance in place, or a consultation with the sleep physician.

 – Bring any problems, questions or concerns to Webinar 3.

Webinar 3 – 22nd June 2021

  • Post fitting assessment,
  • MAS study,
  • Involvement of a sleep physician,
  • Combination treatments,
  • Side effects,
  • Occlusal changes,
  • Q & A.

End of the 12 Week Program

Access to program content guaranteed until the end of 2022.